Designing an outfit

Flipping through a fashion magazine and the eyes spot something they like? Follow our simple steps and make it yours. We promise you, designing an outfit on our portal is neither rocket science and nor is it a pocket eater!

Signing Up

A sign up of course is necessary and without that, you will not be able to access our awesome Design Board. While we’re pretty sure that you have been there, done that, we’ll reiterate the steps for you:

1. Click on the Login page on the top right corner

2. Select Register.

3. Enter the details as asked for.

4. Click continue and wait for the page to reload.

5. There’s no step 5. Voila! You’re a designer with wear your label!

Start Designing

The very first tab on the top, called “My Design Board” is your gateway to pencil in your imagination and all things pretty.

Select the outfit you want to design – a top, a bottom or a dress.

On the right hand side, you’ll see a series of tabs that will help you design your outfit step-by-step and we’ve included all the possible permutations and combinations to include all kinds of cuts and styles.

The mannequin is your art board, where you’ll see your imagination come alive

Start playing with the options available (and we promise you, we’ll keep adding more and more outfits so that you can go crazy!) on the right side.


Start with the first tab – top. Remember, without selecting this, you will not be able to load any of the other options so start with that. Also, the size of the tops that you are seeing here, are crop top style.

Move on to the sleeves. Whether you want it full sleeves or cap sleeves or even a double strap, we’ve introduced all of those options. At the risk of stating the obvious, if you have selected a tube top or a halter, naturally the sleeves tab won’t load.

Now onto waists, remember, the style you selected in the top tab is a crop top style. If you aren’t interested in crop tops any more, we have a series of style waists for you. However, if crop top is your thing, leave this option.


If you’ve got how to design a top, bottom will be a cake walk for you. As of now, we’ve introduced only skirts, but keep watching our space for pants, which will be launched soon.

You also have the option of converting your skirt to a high waist one with just one click.


As always, start with the top and proceed toward the lower parts of your garment. The logic, the process everything remains the same. A quick note: you’ll notice a high waist option in bottoms. Don’t be confused, this is an option we provide if you want the top and the bottom of your dress to be different colours and the skirt a high waisted one. Think a la Priyanka Chopra in Dostana.