About Fabrics!

You can find out about all the fabrics we offer. You’ll find information regarding the styles that are ideal for that fabric, the kind of fit you’ll get from the fabric and on a scale from 1 to 5 how expensive the fabric is, 5 being the most expensive.


It is a smooth, glossy fabric. Satin gives you a loose fit for your tops and a flowing fit for your skirts. It gives a luxurious look. Ideal for office wear, cocktail dresses or gowns.

Fit: Loose

Price: 3/5

Poly Silk

Lustrous in nature, silk can be used for making formal dresses for everyday office wear. Or blouses you can pair with your trousers. It is similar to satin. Your fit will be a slightly loose one.

Fit: Loose

Price: 2.5/5


We’ve all heard of this one before. The mother of all fabrics. From flowy summer dresses to your sexy bar dresses. Its soft, its light, it feels good and you can make almost everything with it. Your fit may vary from a loose one to a tight one depending on the style.

Fit: Loose-Tight

Price: 2/5


Stretch Cotton

Derived from the mother fabric, cotton. This fabric, as the name suggests, stretches. It gives you a tighter fit for those who like it but also is on the more expensive side.

Fit: Tight

Price: 4/5


Georgette is sheer and lightweight fabric. Ideal for summer dresses and loose fits. They give you the flair you love. They are translucent and require slips for the tops and blouses. The skirt are provided with lining.

Fit: Very Loose

Price: 2.5/5



Chiffon, like Georgette is a sheer and lightweight fabric. Loose fits and translucent in nature. The cheaper sister of georgette.

Fit: Very loose

Price: 1/5



It is a soft and light fabric. Easy to maintain as it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Works for office wear as well as party wear.

Fit: Loose-Tight

Price: 2.5/5



Perfect for body fitting dresses. With a little stretch to it, the tighter styles fit even better. Ideal party wear for your short dresses.

Fit: Tight

Price: 4/5