How do I pay?

At present, we take payments via online methods and cash on delivery.

How long will my order take?

Depends! The more detailing in an outfit, the longer it could take. To give you an example, a peplum top in raw silk, would take longer than the regular v-neck top in cotton! And of course, the number of outfits would also be a factor to consider while calculating the time

To give you a ballpark time-line, it would require 2 weeks from the date of placement of order.

How is my dress priced?

Once again, it depends entirely on the design and fabric selected. To repeat the above example, the peplum top in raw silk would cost more than the cotton v-neck top.

Do note, that if you have saved an incomplete design in your closets and at some point later, complete the design and proceed for payment, the price will reflect the updated, current pricing and not that of the older, saved design.

But be rest assured that you will get the value for your money!