Style Guide

So you don’t exactly have a dress in mind but would like to use an amazing portal to design an outfit? Well, here’s something that will help stimulate the right-side of your brain.

What suits your body type

Body type: Hourglass

What's that : You’re curvy with a tiny waist. Well, we envy you.

What to wear:  Look for outfits that will highlight your curves and emphasize your waists.


Crop Top

crop top.png


    Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt.png


Wrap Dress      

 wrap dress.png

Body Type: Apple Shape

What's that:Wide torso, broad shoulders all to carry the responsibilities.

What to wear: Opt for flowy outfits and tops that end just below the hip bone so input your measurement on our chart accordingly


Peplum tops

peplum top.png

   High waisted circle skirt

high waist circle skirt.png

Shift dress

shift dress.png


Body Type: Banana Shape

What's that: Your bust line, shoulder, waist measurements differ less than 5-6”.

What to wear: Opt for form fitted dresses that will highlight any curves you have, not too tight, not too baggy.


Peplum skirts

peplum skirt.png

A mini skirt

mini skirt.png


Body Type: Pear Shape

What's that: If the widest part of your body is around your hips.

What to wear:  Wear outfits that accentuate the top half of your body.

Outfits: A-Line Skirts

A line skirt.png